Motor Finance

Here at DN Finance, we pride ourselves on our service which helps customers realise their dreams when it comes to putting the finance together to buy or lease a new car. We offer a highly personalised service, so when you come to us you will be assisted throughout the process by our helpful customer service team, we certainly don’t rely on computers to guide you through. Ths means you can take advantage of our expert knowledge and enjoy a truly personalised quote which always takes into account your specific set of circumstances.

Car Loans

DN Finance will work hard for you to secure the best deal that we can, whether you are buying a new or used car or even thinking of leasing a vehicle. We are an ethical lender, we will treat you fairly throughout the process and will ensure that any finance package that we recommend fully meets your needs. We understand that car finance has become a popular way of purchasing a vehicle because it is often easier to secure more competitive rates. We have worked hard, therefore, to become industry experts and this means we are able to offer specialised car finance products including leasing, hire purchase, or personal contract purchase. If you are unsure which finance product might be right for you, you can always contact us or use our interactive tool to assess your car financing options.

How we work

DN Finance has over 12 years experience in delivering car finance packages to customers from all types of financial backgrounds. This extensive experience means that we can help you source the most attractively priced finance deals available. Our application process is quick and easy, simply spend a few minutes entering your details into our online system and you will receive a fast decision. We have access to car finance options from across the market but our system uses your details and matches you with the most suitable lender based on information from your credit profile and the information entered during the application process.

Help to find your car

We can assist you with funding the purchase of any car, whether you have found one already from a dealership or even through a private vendor. If you are struggling to find the right car you can even use our Find, Fund and Deliver Service. This takes all the hassle out of finding the perfect car because we do all the legwork for you. Simply provide us with your specifications and we find the right car for you, put it through an approved vehicle check to ensure it is a good buy, arrange funding for it, and deliver the car to you in pristine condition.

What if my credit rating is poor?

DN Finance can help customers regardless of their financial background. We understand that sometimes things happen and that this can lead to customers having a bad credit score. In these circumstances, we offer no judgement and we can still find car finance deals to suit. Simply head to our dedicated page for those customers who have a bad credit score and we will help you secure the best finance deals available.
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